Mischa Barton OC Nipple Slip

Mischa Barton Nipple Slip

Mischa Barton Nipple Slip

OC star Mischa Barton barely and briefly bared a breast on last Thursday’s episode of the FOX nighttime soap, prompting some to believe the FCC will get involved.

The 19-year-old beauty’s right bare breast was briefly exposed during a darkly lit scene in which she popped out of bed and popped out of her top.

It’s pretty harmless stuff.

Page Six Chimes in:

Did Mischa Barton pull a split-second wardrobe malfunction on last week’s episode of “The OC?”

Eagle-eyed viewers of the hit Fox show swear up and down they caught a shot of Barton’s nipple as the pajama-clad starlet got out of bed in one scene. And we heard a formal FCC complaint had been lodged against the network, alleging the prime-time nipple slip was deliberate. So, did Mischa bare her bosom on purpose?

A Fox spokesperson tells PAGE SIX’s Fernando Gil, “We are not aware of any complaint being filed.”


You can see the Mischa Barton “Nipple Slip” or what ever it is here. I tried watching it but I looked away for a split second and I guess I missed it, and I wasn’t about to sit through another 90 sec tv spot to watch it again.

I hope this isn’t an OC rating scam if it is it’s the lamest one ever.

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