USA Today has a review of Lollapalooza. Some highlights.

By the numbers:
• Most commonly lost item at Lollapalooza: cell phone
• Most commonly found item: keys
• Most popular autograph session held at the Virgin Megastore tent: Billy Idol
• Most popular ice cream flavors: cookies and cream and mint
• Band with most T-shirts sold today: The Arcade Fire
• Most common reason for visiting the medical tent: heat exhaustion

Pixies part two: The second half of the Pixies set packed in more favorites: Gigantic (which let Deal thrill the crowd with her lead vocals), Debaser, Here Comes Your Man and a cover of a melodic tune from the Eraserhead soundtrack, In Heaven, followed by a slowed-down reprise of Mutilation. The band kept banter at a minimum, opting to squeeze in as many songs as possible. Two of the best: a feedback-laced and head-thrashing version of Vamos, followed by the encore: Where Is My Mind?. Next to me, a young girl with pink streaks in her hair danced with her mother, who knew every verse.

Tee totals: So which band sold the most T-shirts today? According to the guys manning the merchandise tent, Weezer came in first, with the Pixies taking a close second. Surprise sellers include The Black Keys and You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (sales rose sharply after their popular performance). And while the Kaiser Chiefs’ maroon ties sold out by the afternoon, plenty of Billy Idol shirts remain: So far he has been the day’s lowest seller.

A piece of Cake: Before closing their set with the hit The Distance, Cake pulled out an unexpected cover of Buck Owens’ Excuse Me I Think I’ve Got a Heartache. Within minutes of their finale the area in front of the “east” stage, where Billy Idol was scheduled to perform, was packed.

More Massacre moments: Anyone who has seen DiG! knows the Brian Jonestown Massacre is as famous for its onstage altercations as it is for its prolific stream of British Invasion-influenced rock. A few standout moments from their set:

-Lead singer Anton Newcombe raised his beercan to toast the mothers of the world.

-Newcombe continued to criticize Dashboard Confessional, saying he would use the band’s photo as “birth control” and promised to start his next song “as soon as Jon Bon Jovi shuts the (expletive) up.”

-Newcombe paused to tell a “dirty joke” to the crowd. (The joke in its entirety: “The white horse fell in the mud.”)

-The group constantly debated how long to play but ended up fulfilling its hourlong promise with several songs and two 10+ minute jams.

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