World Series of Online Casino Poker Robots

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The epic battle between man and machine has lead to some of mankind proudest achievements. Recently the search for true artificial intelligence has lead researchers to online casino poker. Much has been written about the popularity of online casino poker and the enormous affect it has had on our gambling habits. As it so happens, online casino poker has also impacted the world of science. Advancements in casino poker software featured at various online casinos around the web have inspired researchers in their attempt to create an artificially intelligent entity.

Prior to turning to online casino poker, mankind´s search for artificial intelligence has concentrated primarily on the fields of robotics and computers. A computer is the only thing that is capable of simulating the enormous computing power of the human brain. One of the most impressive accomplishments in the field of artificial intelligence was IBM´s chess computer Deep Blue. In 1997, Deep Blue managed to beat the world champion in chess Gary Kasparov. This was the first time in history that a computer managed to beat a reigning world champion. Much like chess, online casino poker is a game that requires an extensive use of strategy.

Researchers are now creating poker robots that are capable of going head to head in a game of online casino poker. This field has gotten so big that there is actually a poker tournament held in Las Vegas called the World Series of Poker Robots, in which the latest advancements in the world of online casino poker robots are showcased. This year´s event lasted from July 12th to 20th at the Binion´s Casino. After three days of competition, a poker robot by the name of “PokerProbot” emerged victorious and grabbed the $100,000 grand prize curtsey of the event´s sponsor the Golden Palace online casino.

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