Clinton VS Bush

Bill Clinton approval rating when he left office was 66%. On the day of his impeachment (12/19/98), when supposedly regular Americans were disgusted by his actions, his approval rating was even higher. It was 72%.

The American Research Group has Bush’s approval at 36%, his disapproval percentage at 58 out of 100 Americans.

George Bush’s approval rating this week is exactly half what President Clinton’s was on the day Clinton was impeached.


3 thoughts on “Clinton VS Bush

  1. This is not surprising. High approval ratings are associated with do-nothing presidents during peaceful times. Clinton presided over a good-time party and barely rocked the boat politically. He governed according to opinion polls, not convictions, so of course he was “popular”; everyone was making money on the internet boom and there were no major calamities like 9/11, so everyone was pretty happy in those days. Bush on the other hand is pushing an aggressive agenda in response to horrible threats in the middle of uncertain times which is bound to ruffle feathers. That’s what the “popularity” polls reflect.

  2. They also reflect the opinion of the people he is supposed to represent after all isn’t that his job. Clinton had no 9/11 or scare tactics to use as a blindfold to abuse his power but he was still popular and the worst thing people can say is he lied about oral sex, come on how many men lie about sex in this country even the religous people do look at the priests of late.

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