Number Of Troops Trained In Iraq

As it has been for the past two and a half years, it is unclear exactly what measuring sticks [Bush] is using, and whether they present the full picture.” [NYT, 11/28/05]

February 2004: Number of Iraqi Troops Reportedly Trained = 210,000 [Rumsfeld, 2/23/04]

Now: Number of Iraqi Troops Reportedly Trained = 212,000 [AP, 11/28/05]

These numbers just don’t add up. It must mean one of three things.

A) We’ve only trained 2,ooo more troops in 1 year and 9 months. Rumsfeld said we had 210,000 in 2/23/04 now the AP reports that Bush has us at 212,000 at 11/28/05, 1 year 9 months and 5 days later.

B) Rumsfeld was crazy wrong in 2/23/04.

C) Bush is crazy wrong now.

The numbers don’t add up.

Would someone please tell us what the hell is going on with the training of Iraq troops! We all want our troops home and safe ASAP and if the key to that is training Iraq troops we really need to know what is taking so long and what the real number is.

Think Progress has a much better post on this.

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