50 Unlikely “True” Dirty Stories

Man, some of these are sooooo awesomely not true and funny.

Me and my girlfriend were shopping in a supermarket. For some reason she kept reaching back and touching my d@#k. I wasn’t going to argue. All of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of the supermarket making out. She said we should go to the meat section. Why, don’t ask me.

We get there and she pulls up her very short skirt, revealing she had no panties on. Then we both sat down on the floor. After a while we were both naked in the supermarket. About 300 people were staring at us. But we ignored them. She sat on my already very hard d@#k, telling me to bounce her up and down.

We f@#ked for about an hour in the supermarket, then another girl came and joined. After another hour of a threesome we all got tired. We got the other chick’s number and have had threesomes ever since.

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5 thoughts on “50 Unlikely “True” Dirty Stories

  1. I hope that entry isn’t true. I mean, what if there were little kids in the super market? I would hope that if 300 people were watching, someone would have the sense to call the police, and the management would notice something and kick them out.

  2. how did u guys fuck in a supermarket for an hour?…i usually go to the supermarket and try to steal something and there on the my ass

  3. hey…well i think its quite weird….i mean 1st dey hav sex in d supermarket…n ol of a sudden sum stranger joins dem…hmm…rely weird..

  4. down on the farm we watch the grass grow but it seems that in the city you all got better things to do like go to supermarkets and watch boring people do what boring people do.

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