10 thoughts on “How Scary is the Burger King Guy?

  1. I found this post when googling “burger king” and “scary”. He’s terrifying. Creepy. Eldritch. Why would BK use this campaign? I understand that it’s a reference to the brand’s earliest days and mascots, but why embody him in such a horrid manner?

    What does he even have to do with cheeseburgers?

  2. The burger king guy is the best! You guys are all crazy and make me very angry. I hope I get lucky enough to wake up with him next to me!

  3. he is sooo very creepy that it has actually corrupted my mind. every morning when i wake up, i go downstairs and i peek around the corner to the window to see if hes out there before proceeding into the kitchen. if he really was… i would run to the phone and call 911, if i don’t faint. just looking at that horrid plastic shining onto my face as he starts up the chainsaw, “not today, lord… not today… i dont want a cheeseburger… leave my family alone…”

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