8 thoughts on “Real World Austin’s Melinda Drunk & Half Nakid

  1. I think melinda is a crazy drunk..but I like her. i think she is pretty..and just wants to have a good time..whats wrong with that?

  2. Hey this is MELINDA and I really want you to take these pics off the internet. These are not for you to display and if I need to take further acion I will. Melinda Stolp.. please help me out I dont think its very funny

  3. From the first episode, I knew that Melinda was something else. I’m sure when Real World is over, she will end up with a job as VJ with MTV. That is assuming that MTV still plays music videos. If she doesn’t get a job in front of the camera, I can see her travelling around the country working at strip clubs(Oops, I mean Gentlemen Clubs).

  4. hey,
    this is not funny she is a nice girl. I am her biggest fan ever so take this off her right now. this is not funny for you to do that to Melinda.

  5. WOW…FUCKING WOW! Whoever found these and posted these I am now your biggest fan…I have thought Melinda to be the hottest girl on this planet and dreamt of seeing her naked, and im sure this is as close as im gonna get THANK YOU…I wonder why she was doing this? was she a dancer or something before the show? anyone know?

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